Create Your Own Twitter with Twingr

Create Your Own Twitter with Twingr

Twingr is a brand new startup which essentially lets you create your own microblogging community. The site slots directly in with the continuing craze for microblogs and lifestreaming, and ways to make a viable business out of the two.

For those of you unfamiliar with microblogging, it’s simply a way to post short nuggets of thoughts, ideas, links to a website where they can be shared with others. The largest of these websites is undoubtedly Twitter, although there are many competitors along the lines of Plurk,, Rejaw and Techcrunch 50 winner Yammer.

Twingr is clearly aiming to be a “ for Microblogs”, allowing for anyone to create their own Twitter to share with their personal friends and colleagues in matter of minutes.

With an awful name and not the prettiest of sites you may assume Twingr’s functionality to be much of the same – however Twingr’s core features seem to work very well (at least for me). Posting is a breeze and you can create multiple communities switching between each very easily. Direct messages are part and parcel of the feature set and there are a number of privacy settings to play with as well. Unfortunately there is no mention of an instant messenger integration, mobile/text features or post via email – however it’s early days and let’s hope these arrive soon.

There is no word out on this yet however I would be curious to learn whether they are planning on launching a “premium” version of the site or whether they’ll solely rely on advertising. Furthermore, would community admins be allowed to monetize the service for themselves should they so wish?

To sum up, I think the main benefit as an individual and business owner is the idea that I could create multiple communities within one login – essentially a twitter with groups. How long have we been waiting for Twitter to implement that?

I have posted Twingr’s demo video below, what do you think?


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