The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0

The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0

According to Fast Company these are the most influential women in Web 2.0. From left to right: Leah Culver (Pownce), Rashmi Sinha (Slideshare), Dina Kaplin (, Marissa Mayer (Google), Cyan Banister (Zivity), Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins, and Elisa Camahort Page (BlogHer), Caterina Fake (Flickr), Gina Bianchini (Ning), Kaliya Hamlin (OpenID), Mena Trott (Six Apart) and Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post).

The article is definitely worth reading and explains “What she’s done”, “How she got there” and “What to learn from her” for every woman on the list. It is hard to measure influence of course but there is no doubt these are the 13 most ‘famous’ female online entrepreneurs.

Who do you think is worth their title most? Who is REALLY the most influential? Let us know:

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