“Tasty Nectar” Makes Tasty Profile Sites For Your Personal Brand

“Tasty Nectar” Makes Tasty Profile Sites For Your Personal Brand

Tasty Nectar is a new startup focusing on, as they put it, “selling you’. Rather than helping businesses with their sites and promotion, Tasty Nectar have launched a service designed to make creating a beautiful personal profile site, a piece of cake.

Created by the team at Texas based creative agency Fuor, your new personal site will include a gorgeous design (supposedly well optimized for search engines) and a basic lifestream.

How Does it Work?

Select a general theme (design) for your new website and sign up. Once you’re all signed in, you are greeted with a clean UI and requested to answer some pretty straight forward biographical type questions. The next step is to insert all your social media username’s and blog URL’s, this step includes options for all the major social media sites as well as any site with an RSS feed. The final step is to include any relevant contact details such as your IM and email. Click “view” at the top of the screen and voila, your new personal website is ready. I went through the process and created mine in a matter of 15 minutes and as you can see, visually it’s rather impressive.


Well, here is where the majority of techies will gasp. To create a site of your own with Tasty Nectar costs $199 followed by $79 annually. There is a 15 day trial period, the visual results are wonderful and the the creation process is very straight forward, however it is definitely on the rather expensive side for someone who could create this themselves in their own time. For the average non-techie who wants to have an elegant site set up which is bound to visually impress prospective visitors, it may be worth it.

There is an ever increasing focus on enhancing personal brands. With online marketers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogran, Robert Scoble and many others demonstrating how important having your own website is, it is no surprise that companies are beginning to target this niche.

With Tasty Nectar however, I hope to see a fair bit more feature-wise considering the notable cost of their product. Including a blog or microblog of sorts could improve their offering, as well as possibly including file hosting, analytics and other such services. That being said, adding too many additional services to the site may spoil it’s core offering and therefore re-evaluating the price and/or frequency of payments may also be a consideration.

All in all, a refreshing new startup targeting a growing niche. Hopefully we’ll see many more features over the coming weeks.

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