Mozilla hires Paul Rouget as evangelist for Europe

Mozilla hires Paul Rouget as evangelist for Europe

These are exciting times for Mozilla. While they’re busy developing a Firefox Mobile browser, the global software community also faces the competition of Chrome: Google’s browser in beta which will probably take the market by storm.

Paul Rouget

Thus Mozilla felt the urge to hire an evangelist for Europe. This approach has proven to be successful for them – with the Spread Firefox campaign as the ultimate example. It’s up to Paul Rouget to live up to these high standards in Europe.

Rouget is French and lives in Paris. He told ReadWriteWeb how he became an apostle for Mozilla: “Five years ago, during my first internship, my boss asked me to find a way to build a kiosk browser. It was my first experience with Firefox and XUL. It was the beginning of a love story between Mozilla technologies and me .”

Ever since then, Rouget has been organizing Mozilla events and helped companies and schools getting started with Mozilla products like Firefox and Thunderbird. Now he’ll be able to quit his job as Mozilla developer at Aliasource and focus on what he has been doing in the after work hours: preach the open source evangelism.

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