Mobuzz: Begging their way to profitability…

Mobuzz: Begging their way to profitability…

Save Mobuzz - MobuzzTVMobuzz, founded by Cedric Maloux and Anil de Mello, is running out of money and now begs their loyal viewers (and everybody else) to donate €5 within 7 days to raise a total of € 120.000. If they don’t raise enough money within a week (their burnrate is 50k a month) they will return all the donations.

They made a funny/ironic/sad movie about the whole thing. We are donating €100. Can you spare some change?

Save Mobuzz from Anil de Mello on Vimeo.

Donate here:

Screenshot of our €100 donation:
The money has been sent! - PayPal

UPDATE: Now also on Techcrunch and the buzz on Twitter.

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