MyHeritage adds another branch to its tree: Kindo

MyHeritage adds another branch to its tree: Kindo

Isreali-based MyHeritage knows what to do with its recently financial injection. It has acquired London-based Kindo, a more visually appealing family tree service with less social networking.

Kindo team

OR.., Saul Klein knows how to bring good companies together. The Index Ventures partner found Accel Partners willing to co-invest 15 million dollars in MyHeritage last week and convinced the Israeli company to acquire Kindo – in which he also invested with TAG. Just my two cents, but who knows.

According to Mike Butcher, MyHeritage liked the fact that Kindo is all about the next generation, instead of just ancestors. By merging their services, MyHeritage leaves their competitors behind on that field.

So that makes four cents by two European bloggers, let’s focus on the facts now. What is already known about the merging of the two services? Venturebeat notes that new family trees cannot be created on Kindo anymore. There’s also an easy export function for Kindo members, so that they can extend their family tree on MyHeritage.

The amount of money it took MyHeritage to add the European family tree service is undisclosed. Read the story behind the acquisition on the Kindo blog.

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