(500k!) is coming out of the closet, and so are we! (500k!) is coming out of the closet, and so are we! finally came out of the closet last week and opens it doors for the public. is a “social network for all your GLBT friends”. It took me a pretty long time to find out what GLBT meant, but if you give it a deep thought you’ll figure it out too.

Gays claims to be a Facebook for Gays and not a dating site or a hookup site. People have real names and real profiles. It has all the usual social networking features in it.

Probably the most interesting part is that the domain name was bought for $500.000 back in 2006. A bargain if you’d ask me.

To celebrate the launch we’ve made this short video for our dear SGLBT readers.

Boris & Patrick coming out of the closet! from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

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