Timothy Ferriss caught on the beach

Timothy Ferriss caught on the beach

Two weeks ago I did an interview with Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4-hour work week in Greece during Greek Blogger camp. The book has sold over 500.000 copies and his blog is still attracting lots of visitors. What is even more impressive is that no (conventional) marketing was used to do so. He describes his marketing strategy in his book: he used the blogosphere to spread the word and to make this book a huge success.

Lets keep in mind that a great marketing strategy is not the key to success, it is a very important ingredient but in the end you need a good product, service or in this case a good story. That is what Timothy did, he wrote a compelling story and what also helps is that he is a really interesting guy.

You can tell that I’m not a journalist, but hey… we had fun. I like to share this open conversation and this beautiful location with you. Hope you don’t get sea sick…

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