You make more money than Steve Jobs

You make more money than Steve Jobs
What network CEOs really make - Network World
Find out what CEO’s made in 2007.

Good chance you already know that though. It is a well known fact that Steve Jobs only collects $1 a year as CEO of Apple. But don’t be too sorry for him! The board has awarded him with his own 60 million worth private jet and enough options to make him(self) a billionaire.

But there are some technology CEOs that make a lot more than Steve Jobs, and you. Take for instance Ed Zander, the former Motorola CEO who left the company a few months ago made $17.3 million 2007. Seems like a lot compared to Google CEO Eric Schmidt who, just like Steve Jobs, only made a $1 salary in 2007. The same goes for Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin by the way. Schmidt did recive $478,662 in “other compensation” which was mostly spent on personal security. Steve Ballmer’s 2007 salary was $620,000 with a bonis of $650,000 and an additional $9,821 in “other compensation”.

Guess HIS personal security was cheaper.

For a nice overview of what High Tech CEO’s made in 2007 check this slideshow on Network World:
What network CEOs really make

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