‘Warp’ through YouTube with Visual Browser

‘Warp’ through YouTube with Visual Browser

Youtube has an alternative way to browse their content called the ‘Warp Player’. You can access it directly on http://youtube.com/warp_speed or via a small button that you only see when you watch a Youtube video full-screen. It’s that strange icon, with three dots, bottom left, on the right side of the Play button.

Although there is a link on the front page to the Warp Player I can’t seem to find any other information about it. Nothing on the blog and nothing on the dedicated Warp Player page. Not even ONE mention of ‘Warp’ in the extensive Youtube help files.

Maybe Youtube isn’t very proud of their Warp Speed player or they just think it is so self explanatory, like the Play button, that it doesn’t need any further introduction. I can image some people missed it so here is a Youtube Demo Video of a Youtube Video feature


If you want to experience it for yourself click this move, then click the full screen button and then click the Warp Player icon.

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