The Next Web Blog Launch: “the best is yet to come”

The Next Web Blog Launch: “the best is yet to come”

Welcome! This is the brand new Next Web Blog! Sure, we’ve blogged for two months already, but things are about to get real now. You may wonder, why on earth did these guys start ANOTHER blog. Well, we think that the best for the web is yet to come. So we think there is room for a media platform that takes a different approach at covering Web 2.0 startups, entrepreneurs and technology.

What will we do different?

  • By having mostly entrepreneurs as writers, they will write about start-ups and people in the online industry but also about useful tips, and information about innovative technology. Most of all, they’re looking to inspire other entrepreneurs.
  • We will have an international view on news and won’t limit our coverage to just the Valley. We’ll look at local phenomena and analyze why and if they are applicable to other countries and industries. We want to have people from the web industry in as many countries as possible who watch local markets and keep us up-to-date on developments. So-called WebTiprs.
  • The Next Web Blog will use all kinds of media. Every Friday we’ll publish an iChat Video interview with founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and other interesting people. Interviews with Steve Rubel, Deborah Schultz and Leah Culver are scheduled.

How will the Next Web Blog inspire entrepreneurs?
When interviewing people, we will not only talk about business models and market share, but also about their personal side of the story. Our article about a deal between SellABand and Amazon is a good example: Pim Betist, the founder of SellABand, gave us an interesting inside view on his deal with Amazon. We also interviewed Jimmy Wales about Wikia Search’s background and focused on technology as well as his vision on the Future of Search in general.

We’re looking forward to bringing you inspiring news, telling you about innovative ideas and new technologies and most of all we look forward to writing about you.

Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Editor in Chief The Next Web Blog

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