While we were in Brazil to organise our first TNW Latin America conference we soon discovered that (mobile) Internet was not something that was readily available to everyone, nor was it very fast. In a large city like São Paolo (or Brazil in general), or any other city that you might not know very well, you might want to know what places are around you without actually having to increase your roaming cost exponentially each time you open Google Maps on your smart phone.

That was the basic idea behind Locazy. Find places around you with relative ease by sending a simple email. The bandwidth costs are low, and you receive a top 5 list op places, with address (to show your taxi driver) and even a Google Maps link (if you have a good enough connection).

So how does it work? Just send an email to venues@locazy.com with the subject line in this format:

{type} {in/near/around} {place}

For example:

food near Nieuwe Achtergracht 17
sushi in Amsterdam
drinks around New York

Using SendGrid’s Parse API your email is parsed and the service sends back the top 5 places around you.

Still confused? Check out the pitch:

Today, as a part of our weekly ‘Startup Concepts for Sale’ series, we are selling Locazy.com.

The sale includes:

The domain
Follow-up post when you buy it
Follow-up post when you sell your company to Facebook, Google or Twitter

Basically you are buying yourself a guaranteed review on The Next Web, something that money usually can’t buy, so that alone is worth thousands of dollars.

Bidding starts at $500, right now:

Locazy.com auction on Flippa

This is the 6th concept we are selling.

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Image credit: Casey Serin