At LeWeb we caught up with Evernote‘s CEO Phil Libin who talked to us about how Evernote’s evolution from an app to a platform is progressing, with its Trunk ‘store’ acting as a catalyst for this.

We also asked him about Evernote’s Premium offering and whether he’s happy with uptake from users. Libin says that when it comes to the freemium model, too many startups concentrate on the ‘ium’ part of the equation rather than the ‘free’ part. Despite Evernote emphasising its free offering, it now has 800,000 paid-up users.

He notes that the longer that people use Evernote for, the more likely they are to pay. Only half of one percent of users pay in their first month of using Evernote, but amongst those who have used the service for more than three years, over 20% have converted into paying customers.

Watch the full interview below. At LeWeb, Evernote also launched two new apps and a partnership to give free Premium accounts to Orange customers.

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