Twitter is testing the ability to pin apps to brand profiles

Twitter is testing the ability to pin apps to brand profiles

Twitter is testing yet another interesting new feature; some brands are now able to pin their apps directly to their Twitter profiles in its iPhone app.

The change was spotted by a tipster on profiles of some verified business accounts including Periscope, Vine and Uber.

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It now prominently shows the company’s app, its rating on the App Store and a button to download or open it if it’s already installed.


Last month, Twitter was testing giant new app install advertising right inside user feeds. That test, combined with this new test, indicates that Twitter is pushing to become an even larger source of both app discovery and installs.

Mobile app install advertising was first announced on the service in June 2014.

Pinning a brand’s app to its Twitter profile has many clear benefits, particularly as it would enable companies with multiple apps to push their latest one to visitors of the profile. For example, Twitter could pin Periscope to its official profile.

Twitter confirmed to TNW that this is a test the company is performing with a limited number of apps.

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