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This article was published on March 19, 2015

Twitter is testing big new app install advertisements in the timeline

Twitter is testing big new app install advertisements in the timeline

It looks like Twitter is testing an all-new ad unit that shows app advertisements in a carousel right inside the feed.

The new ad type appears to show a number of apps if you swipe to the right and takes up a good chunk of the screen when displayed. A number of users on Twitter have noticed the large new ad appearing in their feeds today.

Twitter’s suggested apps ads have been around for a while, but traditionally they’ve been smaller tweets that blend in with the rest of the timeline featuring an extra call to action button.

Mentions of the new ad type have been popping up over the last 24 hours, so it appears the company is testing it on a small group of users right now.

These new ads crank the service’s advertising to the next level, using more space and a different design in what seems to be an attempt to try and get your attention. They’re also incredibly similar to ads that Facebook uses in its own service to advertise apps.

It was also recently reported that Twitter plans to increase the amount of ads in your feed and this may be the beginning of that push.

It’s likely that these new ads are simply a test, but we’ve contacted Twitter for comment on them and will update when we hear back.