A new wave of user uproar from Twitter users still using the old interface has erupted tonight after Twitter indicated that the time for a forced upgrade to the new Twitter was drawing near.

oldtwitter Uproar as #oldTwitter users soon to be forced to join #newTwitter for good

It would seem the warning text in Old Twitter has been changed to “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon.” The small change — it’s merely the addition of the words ‘very, very’ appears to be the cause of thousands of #newtwitter complaints.

One user, perhaps overstating the popularity of her stance, said “Dear @twitter, #newtwitter leaves, or we leave.”

Most users have been using new Twitter with few complaints for the better part of a year. I’m a fan of the upgrade myself, which makes it easier to rapidly check on different sources of information and check out new users to follow from the side pane. I feel lost in clients that lack new Twitter’s ability to follow a conversation.

So, dear @twitter… #newtwitter stays, or we leave!

onehappycustomer Uproar as #oldTwitter users soon to be forced to join #newTwitter for good