All users have access to the new, old design gone in weeks

All users have access to the new, old design gone in weeks

For those of you who have still been desperately awaiting the arrival of the new for your account, the wait is officially over: Twitter just announced that all 160 million Twitter users now have access to the new

Twitter is also going to keep the option of switching back and forth between the old and the new designs, but that will only last for “the next few weeks”, then Twitter will cut the old version out forever. Twitter also says that the design is available in six languages as well.

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Twitter makes it clear in its blog post today that it feels that the reaction to the new design has been positive, and from our prespective after using it for a month or so, it is certainly an improvement. For those of you that have been using it, do you agree? Would you prefer that the old design stay up for a long period of time? Please chime in on the comments.

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