Windows 8 contains a number of new interface elements that can confuse new users, if they are coming in flat-footed from a preceding version; a little education goes a long way in learning Windows 8.

To that end, Microsoft is providing in-store training to new purchasers of Windows 8 devices. Getting up to speed on the new operating system before heading home can ease hours of headache.

However, what would happen if you gave someone a decent few slugs of Tequila, and then set them free, for the first time, into the Windows 8 forest? This:

Note: If profanity or comedy offend you, don’t click play. If, on the other hand, you have a sense of humor, enjoy.

For more on Windows 8, TNW has a cheat sheet, and Surface review to keep you humming along. Top Image Credit: Rodrigo Gianesi