Back in July, struggling BlackBerry’s flagship Z10 got a generous price discount that took it to just $99 on a two-year deal with either AT&T and Verizon. Now that cost has disappeared entirely: Verizon is offering the phone for free and AT&T is demanding just $0.49 up front, though both offers are subject to the purchase of a new 24-month contract.

Weak sales were cited for the price drop four months ago, so you have to wonder how poorly the phone is performing for the carriers to go even lower. At least they are still offering BlackBerry smartphones, T-Mobile gave up on that back in September citing “drastically weakening” sales.

The Z10 originally retailed for $199 on a two-year deal and $699.99 off-contract. The latter price is now down to $300 on Verizon and $339.99 at AT&T.

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Thumbnail image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images