While the newly-announced Lumia 1020 may have a superior camera to its fellow Windows Phone-powered Nokia stablemates, those of you with a Lumia 920, 925 or 928 can rejoice in the news that at least some of the new device’s imaging gold-dust will be coming your way.

Yes, as spotted by The Verge, the Pro Camera app that comes with the Lumia 1020 will be available soon for those other devices via the forthcoming ‘Amber’ software update for Lumia devices.

We first caught wind of the Pro Camera app last week as part of the many leaks ahead of the Lumia 1020 launch. Yesterday, Nokia made it official at its NYC event. It sports controls for things that pros and wannabe pros alike care about, such as shutter speed (1/16000 to 4 seconds), EV value, ISO (100 to 4,000), white balance and manual focus.

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Images via Nokia