Microsoft updates OneNote for Android with support for tablets, handwriting, and new formatting options

Microsoft updates OneNote for Android with support for tablets, handwriting, and new formatting options ...

Microsoft today updated its OneNote app for Android with optimizations specifically for tablets. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play.

While OneNote has technically worked on Android tablets before, the devices merely had access to a blown-up smartphone interface. Now the app has been optimized for tablets, with a completely redesigned UI that lets you quickly move between your notebooks and sections on larger touchscreens.

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Tablet-optimized-UI (1)

Next up, handwriting support, which Microsoft says “has been the biggest feature request,” is now a go. Today’s update lets you take handwritten notes (which will naturally sync across all your devices), as well as draw with your stylus or your finger.

Inking-with-OneNote (1)

You can annotate on top of content (text, images or screenshots) or highlight the important parts as you read. To add text or an image, all you need to do is tap the page with your finger and bring up the cursor. You can then bring your stylus back to the screen to continue writing.

Inking-with-OneNote-2 (1)

To change the pen color and thickness, tap on the selected pen or tap and hold on an unselected pen. You can also now change the page color for visual appeal or add grid lines or ruled lines to your pages to assist in handwriting or drawing (under the View tab on tablets, in the overflow menu on smartphones).


Speaking of the interface, new formatting options have been added: font type, font size, font color, highlight color, text alignment, heading styles, and even tags. Last but not least, Microsoft is promising the usual stability improvements and bug fixes, as well as support for LG G3 devices.

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