Skype today updated its modern Windows app (read: Metro version) with free group video calling. As a result, the feature is now available on Windows tablets and Windows 2-in-1 devices, not just in Windows desktop mode.

Skype says it optimized the group video calling experience for modern Windows “so that the three most talkative people – plus yourself – are visible at the same time.” That being said, you can be on a call with up to 10 people: their videos will come to the forefront when they start speaking and you can double tap on them to see them even if they’re silent. You can also resize Skype to multitask while group video chatting.

Skype made group video calling free on Windows, Mac, and Xbox One back in April, with a promise that additional device support (expect Android and iOS support to be next) would be “coming soon.” Since then, the Microsoft-owned company says it has seen a four-fold increase in group video calls.

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