We knew it was coming, but Microsoft has just confirmed that the Surface Pro 3 is now on sale in the US and Canada.

Microsoft unveiled its new PC/tablet crossbreed at an event in New York on May 20, and we reviewed it shortly after. The Pro 3 comes in 3 main flavors, featuring Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. The Intel Core i5 is now available online, through Microsoft retail stores, and third-party stores – though if you pre-ordered, you’ll be receiving it directly.


For those interested in the Core i3 and i7 models, well, the goods news is that you’ll be receiving them a little earlier than planned. Microsoft has confirmed that they’re now going to be available on August 1 in the US and Canada in-store and online. Originally, it was thought they would be made available towards the end of August.

If you don’t live in the US or Canada, well, you can buy a Surface Pro 3 at the end of August.

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➤  Surface Pro 3 is now available in the US and Canada