Microsoft sold over 3 million Xbox One consoles across 13 countries in 2013. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President for Marketing, Strategy and Business on Xbox, said the company was “working hard” to restock retailers and launch the Xbox One in new markets.

On December 11, Microsoft announced it had sold “over 2 million” units. It was 18 days after the console had gone on sale (November 22, 2013).

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 on November 15 and said it had sold 2.1 million units by December 3. Microsoft’s rival hasn’t updated those figures since then, but we imagine the PlayStation 4 is matching, if not succeeding the sales numbers for the Xbox One.

It’s not surprising that both consoles sold well in 2013, given the passionate fanbase for each platform and the seven to eight year hardware generation that preceded them. What will be of interest is the situation six months, or even 12 months down the line. Both systems were built to last the next six or seven years, but accruing a large user base now could help either company to establish their console as the preferred platform this time around.

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Image Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images