At Computex 2013 earlier today, Microsoft CFO and CMO Tami Reller finally confirmed that Outlook 2013 will be arriving on Windows RT tablets as part of the broader Windows 8.1 update that’s scheduled to land later this year.

The popular desktop email client will rejoin its Office 2013 RT counterparts – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote – on Microsoft’s own Surface RT tablet, as well as Windows RT devices from other manufacturers.

The new version of Outlook will, of course, be optimized for touchscreens, and it will come replete with a host of new features, including inline reply, and ‘peeks’ to let you view things like your calendar and contacts without switching between tabs.

Windows RT is a pre-loaded Windows 8 variant for tablets that use ARM processors, launched in conjunction with Windows 8 last year. While Microsoft is striving to gain a foothold in the lucrative tablet market – both through its own hardware and by licensing its Windows RT software – it still has a long way to go, but by ensuring its flagship software is available in full, this can only help ‘encourage’ folk to jump on board.

Feature Image Credit – Getty