Microsoft wants to hear your Android malware horror stories again, free Windows Phones for the best

Microsoft wants to hear your Android malware horror stories again, free Windows Phones for the best

Last year, Microsoft launched a vicious marketing campaign called #DroidRage, in which it asked Android users for their malware horror stories. If your story was deemed worthy, you got a free Windows Phone. Now it’s doing it all over again; apparently this is a December thing as the company gets into the spirit of holiday gift giving.

In 2011, Microsoft used BenThePCGuy‘s Twitter account, which has some 18,000 followers (and had even less last year), but now the company is stepping up its game and is using the official Windows Phone account, which has over 219,000 followers at the time of writing:

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Microsoft is hoping to highlight that the Android app market contains risks that the Windows Phone app ecosystem doesn’t. Some will argue that iOS also doesn’t have as much malware, but Microsoft will of course rather you buy a Windows Phone than an iPhone. Either way, our own Alex Wilhelm is not impressed by Microsoft’s move.

Last time, the marketing campaign yielded thousands of responses. Apparently that wasn’t good enough, and Microsoft wants to see tens of thousands.

Many stories will of course be fake, discuss Windows malware and not Android malware (see #WindowsRage), or will just be attempts to score a free Windows Phone handset. Still, it will get the discussion going again, and that’s exactly what Microsoft wants.

It’s not clear if we’re talking about Windows Phone 7.8 devices or Windows Phone 8 devices, or even how many Microsoft is planning to give away. One thing is clear though: if the company is using the official Windows Phone account, it is stepping up its game.

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Image credit: Lorenzo GonzĂĄlez

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