Skype’s brand will remain intact despite the Microsoft acquisition, Skype CEO Tony Bates today promised in an interview with Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky.

Bates only references the brand and not the interface, but we’re left wondering if this means Skype won’t be adopting the Metro aesthetic that Microsoft is applying across all of its product lines, from Windows Phone to the Xbox to Bing.

“Microsoft is buying great product technology, but also, frankly, one of the greatest brands in the consumer Internet space. It is a verb. People talk about it in that way. They say Skype me,” said Bates. “So, you can expect no change.”

“What we do with Xbox, what we might do with some of the other clients remains to be seen,” he said, indicating that future Skype versions for Microsoft platforms like the Xbox and Windows Phone could adopt Metro.

Changing interfaces is one thing, and for once Microsoft is doing pretty well in that department. But thank goodness the brand will be left alone because I don’t think I could stomach a switch to Windows Voice.