Streaming music service Spotify has today announced a deal with BandPage that will allow artists to sell their music directly to listeners via the platform.

Announced today, the move may well be designed to help alleviate criticisms over the royalty rates musicians are paid when someone listens to their music on Spotify. Indeed, the company says that the new option will offer musicians additional “meaningful revenue opportunities” by allowing them to sell directly through BandPage.


In addition to allowing artists to sell standard merchandise like t-shirts, they can also now offer tickets to secret shows or other exclusive content to their most loyal fans directly from their artist profile pages on Spotify.

This isn’t the first time that musicians have been able to sell posters, tees and other merchandise through Spotify – a deal last year with TopSpin saw to that – but it is the first time they have the option to offer exclusives and ‘experiences’ like private concerts.

➤ Spotify & BandPage Partner to offer VIP “Experiences” [SpotifyArtists]

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