As expected, e-commerce platform Shopify today announced it has added support for Bitcoin. The integration means the company’s more than 75,000 merchants can now start accepting the virtual currency, alongside its other payment services like Shopify Payments and PayPal.

Yet Shopify lists a few advantages to accepting Bitcoin payments:

  • Customers from around the world can check out with digital currency.
  • The currency works just like cash.
  • Transactions cannot be reversed by the buyer (unlike credit cards or PayPal).
  • You can choose to receive your payments in Bitcoins (paid into your Bitcoin wallet) or paid in your local currency directly into your bank account every business day.
  • Transactions are secure and meet the highest standards for ecommerce security.

Shopify says it is using BitPay as its payment processor, a popular choice for sites looking to add Bitcoin support.

Accept Bitcoin with Shopify

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Image Credit: Mark Dunkley