BitcoinThere may still be money to be made investing in Bitcoin. This morning, Bitcoin has just hit an all-time high of $267, surpassing the previous record of $266, as reported by CoinDesk.

The virtual currency dropped as low as $110 on October 3 after the FBI shut down Silk Road, and now it’s more than double the value in about a month.

All these fluctuations and peaks will only serve to make Bitcoin attractive to many investors. A week ago, we wrote about how a man rediscovered a 150 kroner ($26.60) Bitcoin investment made in 2009 — by which time his 5,000 BTC hoard was worth 5 million kroner ($885,520).

A Bitcoin investor told CoinDesk that demand for the virtual currency has risen due to such positive media coverage over the last few weeks.

Bitcoin price soars over $266 and hits a new all-time high [CoinDesk]

Headline image via Shutterstock