Fresh from being shortlisted as one of the best ‘Middleweight startups’ at this year’s Europas, as well as winning TNW’s own Irish Startups Award, Dublin-based CurrencyFair has announced that half-a-billion dollars worth of transactions have been carried out across its platform since its inception back in May 2010.

The news was timed to coincide with Finovate Europe – a 2-day London conference showcasing the future of financial and banking technology – which The Next Web is out and about at today.

CurrencyFair is a peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign exchange (FX) platform, not too dissimilar to Transferwise, that lets customers exchange money between seventeen currencies, bypassing the pricy exchange rates. And it says it’s now eying more than one billion dollars of transactions in 2013 alone.

“Since launch, we’ve saved our customers $15 million in bank fees,” says Brett Meyers, CurrencyFair co-founder.

CurrencyFair is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, and it has raised €2 million in seed funding so far, though will be hitting the market for additional fundraising this spring to grow the company.

“We’ve set our sights on relieving the banks of another billion dollars of transactions this year,” Meyers adds. “We’re entering a ‘perfect storm’ for P2P foreign exchange – confidence in banks is low, while trust in regulated online alternatives is increasing.”

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Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock