gowalla 150x150 Gowallas New FunctionalityLost in our side by side comparisons of Foursquare and Gowalla’s primary screens was the fact that Gowalla rolled in two non-trivial new pieces of functionality:

1) comments on check-ins, and

2) the ability to post photos while checked in at a venue.

Here are some screenshots:
photo22 Gowallas New Functionality

photo23 Gowallas New Functionality

photo24 Gowallas New Functionality

We love both of these moves.

Yelp needed a little competition in the mobile venue photo uploading category, and we’re big fans of “liking” and “commenting” on anything.  Why?  Because it gives an easy, lightweight way for more people to engage with your app, and it sets the stage for the email notification loop.  Comments > Email Notifications > Comments.

You can get a summary of Foursquare’s new stuff here.

 Gowallas New Functionality