Every year, just before the company closes for the festive period, Google likes to give its employees a little something for Christmas, just to say thank you for all their hard work.

Last year, Google gave staff one of its Galaxy Nexus smartphones (with customised back covers), a gift that came from Samsung. While LG has taken control of the Nexus line with the launch of the Nexus 4, Googlers won’t be getting their hands on the new Nexus smartphone this year. Instead, it gave its employees a choice.

Rather than a Nexus 4, sources tell us that Google offered a choice between the latest Samsung Chromebook, a Motorola RAZR M smartphone or a Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Why a RAZR M? Well, Motorola Mobility is now part of Google – getting Motorola devices into the hands of its employees can only be a plus.

Given LG’s supply issues and the problems faced by Google getting it into customers’ hands, we imagine gifting the Nexus 4 smartphone to employees was the last thing on both company’s minds.

Unlike last year, Google employees are strangely silent when it comes to sharing their gifts on Google+. Previously, some had shared photos of the custom back cover and queues of Google employees waiting to collect their gifts.

Image Credit: AFP/Getty | Thanks James!