All 30 Major League Baseball teams now have a Google+ Page

All 30 Major League Baseball teams now have a Google+ Page

Since launching Google+ Pages two days ago, many brands have gotten their own pages set up. Today, the Google+ team has announced that all 30 Major League Baseball teams have set up their own Page on the service.

In a Google+ post, the team says this:

The incredible 7-game World Series between the +St. Louis Cardinals and +Texas Rangers ended just two weeks ago, and we true baseball fans are already eagerly awaiting pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training this February. +Natalie Villalobos may love the +San Francisco Giants and +Louis Gray loves the +Oakland Athletics but we’re both passionate about baseball.

All of +MLB’s 30 teams are already here on Google+. It’s Opening Day for baseball season here on Google+, so step up to the plate and take your cuts. Your favorite team is already here. It’s going to be a long cold off-season, but we’re looking forward to what’s on deck. Play Ball!

New York, are you ready?

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Thanks to shared circles, you can follow all of the teams just by going directly to the post.

Having all 30 teams is a huge win for Google and its Google+ product. Sports teams have adopted Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts long ago, but with the direct search capabilities of Google and Google+, Major League Baseball could see all new interaction with its fans.

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