“Pick whatever you want, it’s on us.” That’s what the Google Wallet spokespeople can be heard saying in a reaction video just released by Google today.

In the clips, employees decked out in Google Wallet gear head into popular stores like Duane Reade, Toyrs R Us, Peet’s Coffee, Jamba Juice, Container Store, American Eagle Outfitters, and Macy’s in both San Francisco and New York. These spokespeople then approach customers with Android phones to pitch the Google Wallet experience, then offer to actually pay for their purchases in full. As in, the customer pays nothing, and Google Wallet takes the bill.

Who in their right mind would seriously turn down free stuff? Why yes, I will take that 52″ wall-mounted flatscreen HDTV. Thank you, Google Wallet. … Or is that too much? I wonder what the budget was like on these purchases?

We’ve already shown you apps like LevelUp that also work to replace your wallet, while different smartphone apps on the market continue to surface, all focusing on digitizing your financial experience. Google Wallet, the easy and quick way to pay at retail stores with your smart phone, hopes to accomplish just that — and the reactions look great. Check it out.