Facebook today updated its iOS app with two new features and a performance boost to the News Feed. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store.

Here’s the full Facebook version 10.0 for iOS changelog:

  • Review what your post will look like and choose whether to remove any suggested links before sharing what you’re reading, watching or listening to.
  • Create posts even when your connection is weak or you’re in airplane mode, and they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough.
  • Improvements to make News Feed load faster, especially on older phones and tablets.

The first point is interesting as Facebook is experimenting with suggestions for its users (and being able to preview your post never hurts). The second point is probably the feature that most users will find most nifty: whether you’re underground or in the air, you’ll be able to post on Facebook regardless, albeit with a slight delay. Now we just have to wait for Android (and then Windows Phone) to get the same treatment.

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