After unveiling a redesigned set of Like and Share buttons last month, Facebook is today rolling them out to all of its users alongside embedded posts with customizable pixel widths.

So if you were using the previous Facebook Like and Share buttons on your website, they should be updated automatically to match the new aesthetic, and now look something like this:

851556_670135659685854_1364363699_nGiven that these buttons are used on over 7.5 million websites and seen more than 22 billion times each day, it’s a pretty significant change. Facebook says it saw a 5 percent rise in Likes and Shares over the past month while it was testing the new buttons, so clearly users are engaging – or at least intrigued by – its new, predominantly blue designs.


Publishers can now also set the width of Facebook posts that they want to embed elsewhere on the Web. Facebook will support posts between 330 and 750 pixels wide, offering brands greater flexibility for their own sites.

➤ Full Availability of New Like and Share Buttons and Flexible Width for Embedded Posts

Image Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images