To showcase its technology, which enables developers to create cross-browser extensions in minutes, Crossrider has built a nifty add-on that enables Facebook users to turn off the ‘read receipts’. You may remember that Facebook recently decided to show all your friends when you’ve read their messages, a feature that was first introduced to Messenger and later to Groups.

Not everyone is a fan of the feature, and there’s no way to turn it off in Facebook settings, prompting Quora threads on how to disable it and people building extensions for specific browsers (e.g. FB Unseen for Chrome).

Crossrider’s Facebook Undetected works across Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, however, which sets it apart.

The company claims its cross-browser development framework enabled it to develop the add-on in about 5 minutes. We’ve highlighted their technology platform before, by the way.

Facebook Undetected browser add-on

Feature Image Credit: Jeff_Golden | Flickr