Facebook adds Friend Activity to Pages, so you can stalk their every move

Facebook adds Friend Activity to Pages, so you can stalk their every move

Ever wondered what your friends were doing on the Facebook Pages that you both like? Wonder no longer, because Facebook has just introduced a new tab to the sidebar of Pages that will show Friend Activity:

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So while you might have been seeing your friends’ activity in your sidebar Ticker (hate that? You can disable it.), the new tab will show you precisely what they’ve been doing on a Page, and it’s a bit easier to follow than a quickly-scrolling feed.

We’re told that there’s a few types of content that will show up in the feed, all of which will depend on the privacy settings of your friends:

  • Likes on Page posts
  • Comments on Page posts
  • Status mentions
  • Comment tags
  • Check-ins

If you’re deeply engaged with a particular Facebook Page, then this feature might come in handy for you. What will be interesting to see is if it actually drives further engagement, by providing an at-a-glance view of what your friends have been doing.

We’ll have to wait to find out the results. But in the mean time, if you have thoughts about Facebook’s new changes, including this one, we’d love to hear about them over on TNW’s Facebook page.

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