We’re back with yet another way to extend the popular screenshot and file sharing service Cloud App.

Cloud Comp is a lightweight tool powered by Cloud App which lets designers share app and website mockups with clients. Put another way, if you’re a designer and use Cloud App already, you’ll want to try Cloud Comp.

According to its creators, the free service was “built to provide designers a way to present comps to their clients inside of a realistic device shell.” Here’s a look at the Web interface, which pulls 20 of your latest images and lets you select how you’d like them presented (in an iPhone shell, browser shell, etc):


You can try the service out for yourself via the link below, or view an example of it in use. Of course, this is a lightweight solution. For more full-featured offerings, you’ll want to look into services like: LayerVaultMockVaultCreative Cloud and Shipment.

➤ Cloud Comp

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