Playing off of the popularity of Lorem Ipsum — and all its noteworthy variations, like Startup Ipsum and Hipster Ipsum — lorempixel provides Web designers with placeholder images for every need. Now, if you’re ever in the middle of a design and you’re waiting on assets from a client, you can quickly grab images of any size, across 11 categories.

For example, if you just want an image that’s 520 by 200 pixels, use in your image tag. This is what you’ll get:

These are dynamically generated images, so if you refresh this page, you’ll see different results.

If you’re looking for something more specific, like a fashion-related image that matches the above dimensions and is black & white, use in your image tag. Here are your results:

If you’re just looking to grab a placeholder image without fussing with code or links, you can also just use the service’s Placeholder Generator, which will pop up with a photo that matches your specifications. Now go, make things that look pretty!

➤ lorempixel by HOLLER·MORITZ