Swedish startup Qubulus has launched an API that will allow third-party developers to add indoor positional capabilities to their apps with ‘shelf level accuracy’. This means that it will possible be able to add, for example, navigation to specific products in a store.

Qubulus is one of a number of companies working in the rapidly developing field of indoor positioning – GPS for inside buildings, if you like. Its ‘QPS’ (Qubulus Positioning System) allows for accuracy of between three and five meters. The company will soon be introducing new algorithms that get that figure down to less than one meter – perfect for in-store navigation.

In order to get the LocLizard API working in a specific location, developers will first need to have mapped it out with Qubulus’ Gecko service. This uses signals from radio networks to map out a building, allowing apps that use the data to know where users are.

Qubulus was a finalist in this year’s The Next Web Conference Startup Rally. Developers interested in getting beta access to the API can register on the LocLizard API sign-up page.