Ultravisual, a photo and video sharing app for the iPhone, has been overhauled to showcase a fresh design offering a slate of new features for enhanced creation and collaboration. Viewed as a Instagram competitor, Ultravisual 2.0, which ranks with Hipstamatic Oggl or 500px in the stylish quotient, offers a high-end alternative to social photo sharing based on collections of one or more photos and videos.

New for version 2, the app’s Find Your Friend feature lets you locate, invite, connect, and collaborate with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your address book.

Ultravisual 1
Sharable and collaborative photo collections.

You can now ask to join collections from within the app, invite non-users to join your collections, and remove posts from your collections.

With Ultravisual, you shoot or upload images and rearrange them in the order you want published, or stack them on top of each other to create animations. You can plug photos into video with adjustable duration.

The new version refines the content interface by letting you browse a magazine style Featured section for recommendations on which collections and users to follow.

Post your own photos or collections for others to contribute to or follow.

A new media editor lets you edit, filter, crop, and combine different media formats regardless of whether they were imported or taken with the in-app camera. New and improved filters let you trim and duplicate images and new filters sport adjustable focal points.

Nearly every screen has been redesigned from the ground up, letting you easily switch between capturing, editing, sharing, and finding content, the company says.

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