Google has expanded its Street View imagery initiative in Asia after its distinctive camera-clad cars hit the roads of Laos, starting in capital city Vientiane.

As is so often the case with Google Maps and Street View projects in Asia, the internet giant has teamed up with the local government and tourism organization for what it hopes will “create new ways for people around the world to experience Laos, and by doing so, help create better awareness of this country and attract more tourism.”


Google says it will begin with Vientiane but hopes to cover the rest of Laos “over the next few years”. The Street View project currently covers 56 countries worldwide. In Asia that includes cities as well as tourist spots like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and the Taj Mahal and other monuments in India.

Once they are available, you will be able to view images from Vientiane and the rest of Laos at

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Images via Google