Galaxy Note3 FlipCover 004 Open Pen Plum Magenta 730x739 Samsung says it has shipped 10 million Galaxy Notes in South Korea to dateProving that South Korea truly is the home of the phablet, Samsung revealed today that it has shipped a cumulative 10 million units of its large-sized Galaxy Note smartphone range in its home country, according to the Korea Herald (Samsung has confirmed the data with TNW).

The latest model — the Galaxy Note 3 — was unveiled in September, and quickly tallied up 10 million shipments worldwide in December. The 5.3-inch Note 3 reached that milestone within just two months, some six months faster than the Note 2 and nine months quicker than the original Note 1.

Samsung hasn’t provided a breakdown of shipments for the Note 3, or all three generations to date, but we’d imagine that Korea — as Samsung’s home market and the capital of phablets — was one of the larger markets, if not the biggest.

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