Galaxy Note3 FlipCover_004_Open Pen_Plum MagentaProving that South Korea truly is the home of the phablet, Samsung revealed today that it has shipped a cumulative 10 million units of its large-sized Galaxy Note smartphone range in its home country, according to the Korea Herald (Samsung has confirmed the data with TNW).

The latest model — the Galaxy Note 3 — was unveiled in September, and quickly tallied up 10 million shipments worldwide in December. The 5.3-inch Note 3 reached that milestone within just two months, some six months faster than the Note 2 and nine months quicker than the original Note 1.

Samsung hasn’t provided a breakdown of shipments for the Note 3, or all three generations to date, but we’d imagine that Korea — as Samsung’s home market and the capital of phablets — was one of the larger markets, if not the biggest.

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