Mozilla has released an updated version of its Firefox for Android Beta app, which it promises will make the browser more easily customizable for end-users and more powerful for third-party developers.

Announced today in a blog post, the updated app now allows you to customize the home screen with downloadable panel add-ons, so that the content you want to see is right there when you open up the browser, whether that’s a website, feed or some other service. Mozilla said the add-ons currently available for InstagramPocketVimeo and Wikipedia, among others.


Mozilla said the Firefox for Android Beta also now allows users to switch between 54 languages without having to restart the browser. These work independently of the main language settings supported by each Android device, the organization added.

Rounding off the list of notable changes are new APIs, which allow developers to build their own Firefox for Android Beta add-ons for the home screen. Oh, and if you’re cutting edge in terms of your OS too, it’s worth bearing in mind that this build of the browser won’t work on a device running the Android L preview.

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Featured Image Credit – Joseph Lago/AFP/Getty Images