Russian Internet giant Yandex has rolled out a new feature for its cloud storage service Yandex.Disk that allows users to siphon their photos from Facebook, including the ones they’re tagged in, to a safe place in the cloud. In addition to Facebook, users can import photos from popular Russian networks and Odnoklassniki, while support for Instagram is coming soon, Yandex told TNW.

The feature, which is currently available only in the desktop version of Yandex.Disk, also works the other way around, letting users export their photos from the cloud to the three supported social networks in a few clicks.
Yandex.Disk As stated in Yandex’s press release, the new feature is aimed not only at consumers but also at businesses like stock photo agencies or image banks, who could use it to simplify their workflows.

Launched in 2012, Yandex.Disk currently has 24 million registered users, about 5 million of which are not in Russia. It is available in English, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian as a Web service, desktop app for Windows, OS X and Linux, as well as a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


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Thumbnail image Credit: Shutterstock