Task-management startup Todoist has launched a new business B2B product called… wait for it… Todoist for Business.

The perennially popular productivity platform was launched way back in 2007 to more than a little fanfare in the productivity space. It then rolled out an all-new Todoist built using HTML5, and back in November 2012, Todoist took its first foray into native mobile apps. It has been steadily rolling out new features and products ever since.

Though Todoist is already used by many companies, Todoist for Business represents its first specifically enterprise-focused feature-set. The company says that 82 percent of its two million users already use it for “work-related tasks,” so this move makes sense.

For $3 per user, per month, you can create up to 80 active projects, have 200 active tasks and 50 collaborators per project, and the account administrator can add/remove team members from a central dashboard. Throw into the mix shared access to contact lists and team inboxes, file-sharing, and a slew of other collaborative task-management tools, and it’s sure to prove popular with its existing users, while garnering the attention of prospective customers too.

Todoist for Business