Task management startup Todoist launches official iPhone and Android Apps

Task management startup Todoist launches official iPhone and Android Apps

One of my personal favorite task management apps, Todoist, has finally launched its official iPhone and Android apps.

Todoist launched back in 2007 and created quite a stir in the productivity/to-do list space. After a short period of limited work on the product, founder Amir Salihefendic brought it back into the minds of many a productivity geek with the announcement of a brand new Todoist built using the best of HTML5. With HTML5, the speed of the web app was given a significant boost and offline access made available within the desktop browser; this immediately put it ahead of many competing task management apps out there.

That said, what has often left Todoist a step behind many of its competitors is its primary focus on individuals rather than teams. Yes, there’s WeDoist (also built by Salihefendic’s company Doist) but frankly, it’s a completely different product and an inferior one at that. Salihefendic assures me that team features are in the product pipeline and we can expect them to be baked into Todoist before long.

I, however, am digressing.

Today’s announcement is about Todoist and the long overdue release of its mobile apps – available in the app store now.

First impressions are positive. Whilst Todoist has never had the slickest interface (see Flow), its simplicity has attracted many a user – myself included – and so if you like the web interface, you’ll love the mobile one.

Salihefendic and his 10 person virtual team (who have never met!) have done a marvelous job of including the bulk of its web app features in its mobile app. Drag & drop within individual lists works, adding and reordering projects is included and perhaps most significantly, Todoist also comes with complete offline access, a must have for a task management app. What does appear to be missing is “search” and the ability to select multiple tasks at once to reschedule or reorder.

Here’s a quick demo of the app in action. And you can download Todoist for iOS here and Todoist for Android here.

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