RunKeeper is expanding beyond running with Breeze, a new iPhone 5s app for tracking how many steps you take in a day via the smartphone’s M7 co-processor.

While the main RunKeeper app is a staple among fitness enthusiasts, Breeze is designed with us sedentary folks in mind. The app’s interface has a beautiful, calming look that’s worthy of iOS 7.


Breeze is iPhone 5s only because it relies on the special M7 motion processor that Apple included in its latest phone. The M7 logs data like steps taken in the background without waking up the more power-hungry A7 chip, allowing apps to work like a fitness band without draining your phone’s battery. One disadvantage for Breeze compared to a fitness band, however, is that you’ll have to keep your phone on you all the time to keep it accurate.

When you first login to Breeze, it pulls your last seven days of motion data to show you past activity. Throughout the day, the app sends notifications letting you know how far along you are and reminding you to get up and move around.


Considering that the iPhone 5s has been out for over 6 months now, Breeze feels a bit late to the market. Apps like Fitly, Moves, Nike+ Move have been on the market for a while.

That said, Breeze is really polished, so it’s a solid new option if you’re looking for an M7-powered app. If you work hard enough, maybe all that walking will get you in shape to graduate to jogging with the RunKeeper app.

Breeze for iPhone 5s

Headline image via Shutterstock